Traditional Khukri

I was commissioned to craft this khukri blade for a neighbor some time ago and only recently had the time to work on it. Originating in north-western India, this Nepalese blade pattern has devastating impact capability and has been used by armed forces all over the world since the early 1500’s – and likely long before that.

As usual, when someone asks me “can you make this?”, I don’t know how to keep my mouth shut or say no when it’s a piece that yes, I can do and it’s really neat, so here we are. Had a bit of a learning curve on some of this, like being the first-ever stacked leather handle I’ve attempted – and successfully completed without scrapping it! I really prefer a full-tang blade for strength, but I do custom orders, if stacked leather is what you want then I’m not going to do something else. Check out the gallery below!