Forging Ahead

It’s been a bit since we had a chance to share any updates, but Christmas and life have been happening at a record pace of late. After installing a performance exhaust and headers on our War Wagon, there were some extra bits of piping left that just needed a home, and this old 35-gallon air compressor was kicking around the shop. So with a bit of thought, some redneck ingenuity and a cutting torch, we created an extremely efficient forge with the addition of a grill insert and the steel mesh out of a burned heavy equipment air filter. Weld it all together and you come up with the contraption in the following pictures:

Then to test it out, we took an old 10-inch bastard cut mill file with worn out teeth and got it cherry red…

And what do you know, look what popped out!

Did a bit of minor shaping and draw-filing. A decent knife blank to put in the pile of “things that need more parts” – we’re thinking about using a nickel-chromium bolster, pinned and soldered, and a Dymondwood scale set. Toying with the possibility of a few layers of stacked leather between the bolster and scales – typically reserved for through-tang (or hidden-tang) knives, but there’s plenty of time to decide.

We’ll update this one later with more progress and the final product, stay tuned!