Zero Hour

Spent a bit of time with the Ol’ Long Rifle today, turns out we had a few screws loose (isn’t that usually the case?). After snugging the scope back down it didn’t take long to get back on target and we finally got to try out some of the new .270 Winchester handloads. Accuracy was lacking…until we got out of bore sighting mode and opened both eyes again. Went from a 4.5″ lateral group to less than a 3/8″ windage deviation. Elevation was affected by poor posture and less than desirable range conditions, but we got that group back to within 1″. 

All shots were fired from prone position at 100 yards with more emphasis on shooting techniques and breakdown than rifle accuracy, which is something that many shooters neglect. Proper form and process is the spine of consistent precision shooting, without it, you just sling lead downrange with a few Hail Marys. 

And no good shooting outing is complete without something catching on fire, right? Take a wild guess…