Walther P22 .22LR

We just got this Walther in, and let’s just say this is a fast favorite for the price and features. Opening up the case, it arrives with a spare magazine and alternate grip backstrap to accommodate different hands. The under barrel Picatinny rail will easily mount lasers, flashlights or any other desired gizmos. The 3.4-inch barrel is threaded to adapt for suppressors, possibly a tad easier using the target barrel. Aftermarket accessory options include a 5-inch barrel, target sights, compensators, and magazine grip extensions.

Operation of the P22 is quite reminiscent of 1911 and Beretta M9. The rear portion of the trigger guard is actually the ambidextrous magazine release, which can be operated simply with the thumb with a little practice. The slide release is located just under the slide where it belongs, designed almost identically to the Taurus TCP (738). The hammer-block thumb safety functions opposite that of the 1911, but is very effective and less finicky to replace. 

Squeezing the trigger, we were met with a predictable factory result but it was honestly tolerable. No obvious “lumps” (trigger travel blockages that you can squeeze past, and sometimes encounter more) or hang-ups, just an increase in pressure before cycling the hammer. This is with the factory grease still on it, a proper cleaning and testing of at least 300-500 hundred rounds -preferably much more – is in order before attempting to fine-tune anything. 

This particular model was designated as the “Army” green version; there are several colours and camouflage patterns to choose from. Priced at $310, if you’re looking for a compact pistol to add to your rig, or just an inexpensive plinker, this is the firearm for you!