Proper Handgun Grip for Accuracy

One of the most common difficulties that new shooters encounter is a proper grip of the pistol that they use. Aside from the similarity to archery, wherein the shooter must find equipment best suited for their body, pistol shooters frequently have trouble establishing an instinctive form that will assist with accuracy. Part of this is due to the social media trend with established “YouTube stars”that ruin fundamental shooting by displaying bad habits and branded form without explaining the reasoning and mechanics behind their position.

 This is one of the reasons we really like Dave Spaulding: he offers a solution and a reason for everything that is presented in his classes, and 100% of his material has been spot-on. The only difference we have differences on is that of personal preference; namely, weapon selection, and how tight of a Weaver stance we like to use – but other than that, the fundamentals are identical and Dave offers excellent and easy to understand instruction on a variety of topics. Check out his YouTube channel “handguncombatives” and the video below…

Many people wonder why we stress handgun techniques and fundamentals; the answer is simple. Almost all of the techniques involved in handgun shooting apply to precision rifle shooting and, if proper form and fundamentals are followed, the techniques involved in precision rifle shooting can easily transition to action style shooting such as 3-gun competition, cowboy action (SASS), self-defense, and other genres. Besides which, handguns are the least accurate and most difficult to shoot of all the firearms types – and often the most frustrating for many beginner to intermediate shooters. 
Any questions, comments or topics that you’d like to see us cover, feel free to contact us! Helping fellow shooters hit the target is what our company is all about, and we would like to see much more of it in years to come.