Field Stripping the Smith & Wesson M&P 9


After attempting in vain to point a customer to a proper video on YouTube that could concisely demonstrate the proper way to field strip the Smith and Wesson M&P 9, we decided to make our own instructional video. Let’s face it, few people have the patience to watch countless people – who can barely operate the firearm – give you a 15-minute list of specifications and their personal opinions on the quality and performance of the M&P, when all most people really want is to know how to take the blasted thing apart when it gets too dirty to fire. We don’t go into details on the trigger group, it’s a bit tricky to work with and requires a few good gunsmithing tools and experience in trigger assemblies to avoid messing up some key parts, potentially rendering the gun useless – or worse, dangerous. To-the-point, step-by-step instruction, just reverse the process to reassemble. Hope this helps!