Getting Started with 3-Gun “Game”


If you watch shooting videos on YouTube very often, you’ve probably seen many of the “stars”, like Instructor Zero, Polenar Tactical, Chris Costa, FPS Russia, Mat Best, ZERT 702’s “XP001”, and others. Frankly, all of these guys are good at their own game – there could be some question as to what exactly they’re playing at times, but it’s still good fun. And most of the footage provides us with entertainment and awe at the level these guys operate at, which can be daunting and disheartening at times if you’re a perfectionist. The bottom line is, focus on the proper fundamentals will make any aspiring shooter even better. Almost all of these guys have either extensive military training or 3-gun match/circuit experience which actually consists of hours of fundamental practice with each firearm: loading, mag changes, reflexive pointing, clean draw or presentations, transitions back and forth between firearms, etc., etc..

Many of these actions can be practiced in the mirror with an unloaded gun. A friend of ours has a B-57 Police Qualification target that has hung on his wall for years – his family calls it “The Dead Man” because of the amount of practice he put into dry-firing for matches. Without a single round put into “The Dead Man”, the extent of this type of practice allowed his IPSC habit to fund itself.

Below, we’ve shared a couple of videos that provide a bit of information about the 3-gun world and how to get started in it. You don’t need to blow tons of money, just get some good, well-made pieces and go from there. For example, the NRA National BB-Gun Match record-holding rifle is a Daisy 499B (a $100 gun), and it was up against customized rifles valued in the thousands.It’s the Indian, not the arrow, that determines the outcome.


Some people ask us what the best way to learn a particular technique is. Honestly, the best way is to start. If something isn’t working, stop and examine it. Technology these days lets us record videos of ourselves on a whim; set your phone up and film what’s going on, then look critically at what you’re doing and find a way to do it cleaner, faster, smoother. They’ve done it with basketball games, NASCAR races, golf tournaments and other sports for years, let’s take advantage of the tooling we have!